Series: The Lymond Chronicles Edit

  1. The Game of Kings (1961)
  2. Queens' Play (1964)
  3. The Disorderly Knights (1966)
  4. Pawn in Frankincense (1969)
  5. The Ringed Castle (1971)
  6. Checkmate (1975)

King Hereafter Edit

Novel: King Hereafter (1982)

Series: The House of Niccolò Edit

  1. Niccolò Rising (1986)
  2. The Spring of the Ram (1988)
  3. Race of Scorpions (1989)
  4. Scales of Gold (1992)
  5. The Unicorn Hunt (1994)
  6. To Lie with Lions (1995)
  7. Caprice and Rondo (1998)
  8. Gemini (2000)

Series: The Johnson Johnson novels Edit

  1. Dolly and the Singing Bird (1968), alternate titles Rum Affair and The Photogenic Soprano
  2. Dolly and the Cookie Bird (1970), alternate titles Ibiza Surprise and Murder in the Round
  3. Dolly and the Doctor Bird (1971), alternate titles Operation Nassau and Match for a Murderer
  4. Dolly and the Starry Bird (1973), alternate titles Roman Nights and Murder in Focus
  5. Dolly and the Nanny Bird (1976), alternate title Split Code
  6. Dolly and the Bird of Paradise (1983), alternate title Tropical Issue
  7. Moroccan Traffic (1992), alternate title Send a Fax to the Casbah

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