Those marked “(H)” are recorded in history

Scotland Edit

  • (H) Thomas Erskine, Master of Erskine, Chief Privy Councillor and Special Ambassador
  • (H) Margaret Fleming, his wife
  • (H) Jenny Stewart, Lady Fleming, mother to Margaret Erskine and illegitimate daughter of King James IV of Scotland; governess to Queen Mary
  • (H) Lord Fleming, Jenny’s son, and brother to Margaret Erskine
  • (H) Mary Fleming, his sister, maid of honour to Queen Mary
  • (H) Agnes Fleming, his sister, maid of honour to Queen Mary
  • (H) Arthur Erskine, one of Thomas Erskine’s brothers
  • (H) George Douglas of Pittendriech, brother of the Earl of Angus and uncle to Lady Lennox
  • (H) James Douglas of Drumlanrig, his brother-in-law

Ireland Edit

France Edit

England Edit

  • (H) James Mason, retiring English Ambassador in France

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